Lushus Ores Mod

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About The Mod- This mod adds in new tools, armor, and blocks! By: x_ItzMe_x (LillPWeeGirl is my name on MCreator if you see LillPWee instead of x_ItzMe_x)

                             First off the name, I know that Lushus isn't spelled like that its spelled luscious. I spelled it this way because its was just a twist to the name.

                                This is a pretty simple mod, I will update the mod frequently. The day that I'm uploading the mod there

                             is 4 armor sets, 3 sets of tools, 8 different ores/ blocks. The first to sets of tools you might notice are regular

                             looking Minecraft models while the best set has 3D models, this is because the lower end sets aren't as special

                             all the OP sets that might come in the future will have better, and cool looking models. The non-self-explanatory crafting recipes are in the photos!



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