Lightning Power

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This mod will add to the game a new material "Lightning Diamond" it will spawn in the desert temples. From it you can make tools, weapons and armor. The same new boss, "Lightning god". He spawn in new biome "Lightning Lands"

"I finished mod version 1.1.0 but something went wrong...

And... i need remade ALL o_o

Wait for the main update =3 (new textures, items and settings) - TheFridelitPlay"

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development


Added - Lightning Sword

 Added- Lightning God

Added - Lightning Diamond

Added - Syringe 

Added - Filled Syringe

Added - LOL (Test item)



Added - Lightning Strike Sword

Added - Lightning Land

Added - Lightning Grass

Added - Lightning Grass1

Added - Lightning Diamond Block

Added - Soul Diamond

Added - Lightning Soul Diamond

Modification download files