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Submitted by houdert6 on Wed, 02/27/2019 - 18:38
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This mod adds new blocks and items related to bosses. It also adds bosses.

This mod adds:


 -  Passivity Gem

 -  The puppy bow

 -  Block breaker (creative only)

 -  Dark slime ball

 -  Item Fixer

 -  The Dark Igniter (lights the portal to the dark realm)


 -  Dimensional Command Block (portal block for the dark realm) (/give or drop only)

 -  Special mob spawner for the Experienced Boss (/give or crafting only)

 -  Special mob spawner for the Passive Boss (/give or right-click level up only)

 -  Broken Spawner (Creative tabs, /give or Merging Table recipe)

 -  Merging Table (Creative tabs, /give or crafting only)

 -  Cage Holding Portal Igniter (break it to get the Dark Igniter, not shown in the new blocks picture of the mod overview pictures. /give or right-click level up only)


 -  Experienced Boss (lightning makes it explode and have a chance of dropping lots of XP in the form of one orb, drops knowledge books)

 -  Passive Cow Boss (the only passive boss, drops Dimensional Command Blocks)

 -  Dark Slime (the only non-boss mob, drops dark slime balls)

 -  Broken Boss (drops item fixers)


What is right-click level-up?

Right click level up is when you right-click a block with an item to change it. Possible level ups are:

 -  Right-click a Experienced Boss spawner with a passivity gem to get a Passive Cow Boss spawner

 -  Right-click a Passive Cow Boss spawner with The Puppy Bow to get a Cage Holding Portal Igniter block.

If your not in creative it uses the item up

Crafting Recipes:

Experienced Boss spawner:

Spawner Recipe


The Puppy Bow:

PuppyBow Recipe

Uses: Passivity Gem

Merging Recipes:

The Broken Spawner:

Broken Spawner recipe

Uses: Dark Slime Ball

Merging Repair Recipe: (advancements do not work)


Uses: Item Fixer



right-click reverse level up for spawners

Fix advancements for the merging table

Leave ideas in the comments!

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- created mod

- added spawners, passivity gem, dimensions, xpboss, passive boss, broken boss, merging table, dark slimes and item fixer

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