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Published by Ralph10 on Fri, 03/08/2019 - 18:58
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Hi, this mod was made by a Brazilian, this mod is very simple, when I installed MCreator, I did not know anything about the program, I was messing around and I was discovering how tools to create the mods, I created this endless mod no youtube tutorial or something of mine, I made this mod just by touching the MCreator tools, sorry for bad English, I'm using google translator! You can find some error or error, please let me know!

I'm thinking of creating several mods that kind of inventory a name and I choose the color of the ore! Give me ideas!

Release (1.0 Beta)


-Radry Sword

-Radry Pickaxe

-Radry Axe

-Radry Shovel

-Radry Hoe


-Radry Block

-Radry Ore

-Radry Armor


New update (1.1)


-Radry Horse Armor


This mod is in development! Give me ideas of what mineral mods I can do! this mod I characteristically as simple and bad, I already have some ideas of mods of ores in the head like copper and emerald! Esmeralda already exists but there is only her ore!

Thanks for downloading the mod!


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