bauerbach's Epic Game Expansion Mod (BEGEM) (WIP)

Submitted by bauerbach on Thu, 03/14/2019 - 00:11
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's Mundane Game Expansion Mod (BEGEM) is a mod filled with all sorts of cool stuff! NOTE: The mod is currently in development. Therefore, many features of the mod are unfinished.


The mod includes the following things:

  • Blocks for building modern cities.
  • A story involving you helping two survivors of an apocalyptic event and repopulate the world, complete with mutants roaming around.
  • A Cyberspace dimension (currently only accessible in Creative Mode and doesn't have much to it).
  • Time machines (currently non-functional).
  • "Urban Heaven," a utopian city, based on a dream I had the night before the mod's initial release date, that is being threatened by a mad scientist who wants to destroy the city using a hurricane-generating "doomsday device." The main tower (where the doomsday device will be) is currently empty, but it will have lots of cool gadgets, including minigames, high-tech blocks and items, and an elevator that skips certain floors for some reason. The dimension can be accessed by finding a rare, mysterious shed. The tower's lower level will have the elevator and the doomsday device underground. and the upper levels will also have a view of the surrounding city.

Additional stuff I am planning on adding in the future:

  • Superhero stuff, including Probably Slightly Less Boring Than Working gadgets and superpowers.
  • Furniture, both modern and futuristic.
  • Cool holiday-related stuff.
  • A system for making your own vehicles.
  • Blocks and items for building an amusement park.
  • Magic scrolls that have different effects.
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In development

3/13/2019- v1.0- Initial Release

  • There are still lots of bugs as this mod is still in development.
  • In survival mode, a bunker will spawn with the apocalypse survivors about +400 blocks away on both the X and Z axis,
  • All blocks and items can be accessed in Creative Mode; recipes will be added for them as development progresses.

6/1/2019- v1.0.1

  • Added some animals (Elephant, Snake, Shark, Reindeer, and Frog).
  • Added some new foods.
  • Fixed a bug where biomes meant for other dimensions would spawn in the Overworld. 
  • Added some recipes for previously-uncraftable vanilla items.
  • Added some more blocks and items (these do not yet have any functionality and are only obtainable in Creative mode).
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Hey, I have a mod with a feature based on a dream as well! It's not out yet though.