Creative Builds: New Road Blocks

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new roads all functioning so you can seamlessly go uphill, down hill, left, or right!


no more building massive block roads that take up 10 - 13 block spaces wide


Also a new stop sign that lights up so you can see it coming up in the dark!!!


double yellow center stripe with all the turns and all can go uphill or downhill!!


single stripe white for the edge of the road with all the turns and all can go uphill or downhill!!


Yield Signs and also Handicap signs!!! handicap signs for the road, yield sign for a signpost 

Both are rotatable so you can place them in any direction!!


Blue stripes for handicap parking spaces.


And last of all thick white stripes for stop lines in the road at intersections and such!!!


all blocks are only attainable in creative. There mainly for big city builds so you dont need 10-13 block wide roads.  


Sorry thats about all for now but more signs and road markings coming soon.


(coming soon!! single yellow parking stripes {straight and corner} crosswalks, and more signs.

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