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AlexEnder15's Bedrocker Mod

This mod adds the Bedrock Set and the Bedrock Apple.

If you want everything on this mod, here are all of the recipes. You can also use a mod like NEI (Not Enough Items) to see all of the recipes.

  • To get some Bedrock, you need to mine Loose Bedrock. (Note that you need a mod (Like my Obsidian Maniac Mod: that has a pickaxe that has a harvest level of 5 or higher. You cannot mine it with diamond) You can only get it around Bedrock, but it is pretty common.
  • To get a Bedrock Nugget, smelt Bedrock. (Used for the Bedrock Apple and Ingot. You can also look in the mod's pictures for it)
  • To get a Bedrock Apple, put an Apple in the middle and place Bedrock Nuggets all around the apple. (Gives you regeneration for 30 seconds. You can also looks in the mod's pictures for it)
  • To get a bedrock ingot, spread Bedrock Nuggets all around the table. (Used for the Bedrock Set)
  • To get a Clean Bedrock Block, spread Bedrock Ingots all around the table. (Used for storage and can be crafted back into ingots)
  • Getting the Bedrock Set is the same except with Bedrock Ingots and with sticks replaced with Bedrock Rods. (You can see one example in the mod's pictures)

The Bedrock Set gives you 30 armor points, 16 sword damage, 21 axe damage (aka an instant kill to most mobs), and 20 armor toughness. It is even better than Obsidian Armor in my Obsidian Maniac Mod! It can be very overpowered, but the only catch is that it's SUPER EXPENSIVE! You need to mine over 400 Loose Bedrock blocks!

Please tell me if you have any ideas or bugs that I can add/fix!

Plans for future updates:

  • Bedrock Bow
  • Advancements
Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version



  • Loose Bedrock
  • Bedrock Nugget
  • Bedrock Apple
  • Bedrock Ingot
  • Bedrock Rod
  • Clean Bedrock Block
  • Bedrock Set



  • Armor textures (They were too plain and didn't match any of the other textures)
  • File download names (I accidentally kept it as another name from a different mod lol)

add texture of bedrock on armor

i add upvote ]:3

So far, I'm unable to edit armor textures, but I'll look into it. It definitely needs some editing, I know, so you can expect an update once I'm able to.
Also, thx for the upvote! :D