SuperPower Craft (Only The First Version)

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Hello This Is A Reupload Of My Mod SuperPower Craft. This Mod Gives You Access To A Bunch Of Powers And Cool Structures. The Powers Are Divided Into Three Categories (Rare, Uncommon, Common). All The Powers Have Structure That Spawn In The World Right Now The Spawn Rates For All Categories (Rare 300 Uncommon 500, Common 700). That Should Be All The Info You Need About This Mod So Enjoy And Have Fun.

This Will Not Get New Versions. In Order To Get New Versions Go To My Account And Go to SuperPower Craft.

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In development
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So... is there any difference?
If not, this will probably be counted as spamming.
Because it seems like this is the same thing but it won't be updated.

U should take more time to explain the mod and don't reuplod except if your old was deleted for no reason.