Survival Expanded

Published by DroidX1 on Sat, 04/06/2019 - 02:08
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(Note: This Is The Original survival Expanded And Is Depricated, Here Is 2


A Mod That adds All Sorts Of Stuff To Expand The Vanilla Minecraft Experience

It Adds A Ton Of New Mechanics, Items And Weapons

(Please Note This is My First Mod, And I Plan To Update it Often)

i quit on the wiki, I Just Recommend Not Enough Items

Here Is A Unfinished Wikia…

Check The Changelog For Info On Updates

Modification files
Survival Expanded 1.0.0.jar - Original204.43 KB
Survival Expanded 1.0.1_0.jar - Version 1.0.1200.72 KB
Survival Expanded 1.0.2.jar - Version 1.0.2273.17 KB
Survival Expanded_Mechanics Only.jar - Survival Expanded-Mechanics Only54.08 KB


-Mechanics Only Version Released For Those Who Don't Want All The Extras



-More Fixes To Nightshade Biome

-Advancements Added



-Fixed  NightShade Biome

-Changed Purified Water Effect

-Various Fixes


The Original, Nothing Special

This looks pretty good but if you use piskel (free software) for textures it would look better if you use more variation in the shades of the colors of the texture like when there is a new color add a slightly darker version of the previous color to give it depth, just a thought to help improve the textures