Custom Potions (Tutorial Mod)

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This mod is a tutorial on making simple and custom potions and effects.

For now, there are two new potions, they are:

  • Reduced Falling (Do not take fall damage)
  • Fly (You can fly)

You can customize the icon, name, duration (the duration of both potions is one minute and a half, however, the number appears in ticks), and, of course, the power of the potion.

(I'm not good with names)

You can download the mcr file and see how I did it. Obviously the effects are a bit limited, but hopefully it helped!

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sorry for my english. I tried to make good images.

Modification files

Release of the mod.

  • Added Reduced Falling effect, drinkable potion and splash potion.
  • Added Fly effect, drinkable potion and splash potion.

Can't download the mod rn, but it looks like it'll be really helpful. I was going to make a tutorial mod for potions, but it seems you were faster! :P
If you want I can make a tutorial on the forum later today.

I forgot to mention that I had to code a bit. MCreator has a bug that causes the overlay editor not to accept global variables. So I copied the variable code from another procedure and pasted it into the overlay code. Then I'll explain better what to copy and paste.

I made a forum for how to make custom potions!

Potion name suggestions:
Reduced falling: Anti-Impact potion
Fly potion: Potion of Flight

also, nice mod!