Advanced Minecraft Remastered DEV STOPPED

Published by Wh0C4res on Sun, 04/28/2019 - 08:47
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This is probably the final version of my "Advanced Minecraft" series. Im planning on combining this with all the other mods i have made.. Advanced Minecraft 1 & 2 and Neon Ores. Of course, not every single component of the modifications will be added, but i will try my best to make this modification the best i've ever done.

I probably won't be able to actively update the mod, because of private reasons.. but i'll try my best!

Currently supported languages: English [US], German

This mod currently adds the following:

- Ancient Steel [Ore, Ingot, Armor]

- Ancient Brick [for building & crafting, can be naturally found]

- Bluestone [No ore yet, Block, for crafting and NOT for powering]

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

Soon available...

Thank you. I'm trying to combine this version of Advanced Minecraft with the older versions [Advanced Minecraft 1 & 2] and i also got the idea of maybe combining the Advanced Minecraft Series with my Neon Ores mod. Next thing to be added will be the Magical Essence [Adv Minecraft 2] and maybe also the Slime Lands Biome [Adv Minecraft 2].