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Published by funny on Wed, 05/01/2019 - 14:54
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fagnit:flint and steel, as usual.

crazy made:the center of the mod, used for many stuff, pretty epic, can be found in many recipes.

new mobs:crep and clowdragon.

crep: not friendly, cannot die from fire, when dies, he drops iron horse armor, redstone, and can drop his armor/sword, and when gets struck by lightning,  he repets getting struck over and over again. when gets hurt, creates an explosion, and when dies, drops an anvil. breaks doors. leaps on target when attacks, and will always attack  wither/enderdragon. 

clowdragon: a clowdrgon is a boss. he isn't friendly, and has 1,000 hearts. fire can't hurt him, and when dies, he will drop random stuff. when hit, he will shoot a fast arrow towards whoever hit him, and when he dies, player's inventory will be clear. he will also attract other mobs to help him fight.

epic sword: epic sword is better than a diamond  sword, it could do alot of damage, and has 500 durability.

epic picaxe: epic picaxe is a picaxe, and can mine every block. it can destroy softer blocks like destroid with hand. when right-clicked in the air, it wil explode hard core.

fart dimension: to create a portal, use crazy made blocks, and form same way as a nether portal, and use flint and steel to light it. in the dimension, you may not see very good, night vision can fix that, on the ground you will find dead bushes, and brown clay. many mobs will walk around, including the mod ones. portal dimension destroyed,it will create an explosion.

water diamond/emerald/gold/iron: one of thees is very rare. diamond is the rares't and iron, the most not rares't. every one of them can be found in rivers only. they give what they are. for example, water gold gives 10 gold. each one of them gives a different amount. 

diamond/emerald/gold/iron nuggy: water blocks can't be found as blocks. (besides creative inventory) they are found as nuggys. nuggys flow in the river. put 9 of them in a crafting table, (one in each slot) to get the number of gold, for example. 




thank you for downloading our mod

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