More To ExploreV1 (EARLY RELEASE)

Published by PapaStalin on Fri, 05/03/2019 - 22:09
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MoreToExplore, a mod with new weapons, tools and more. 

This is a early release, so u can look if u like the mod so far.


-New Weapons

 *Fire Sword: Made with a iron stick and fire rocks. Sets mob on fire when u hit it.

*Fire Ice Sword: Made with a iron stick and fireIce blocks. Gives the mob u hit slowness.

*Magma Ice Sword: Made with a firerock, a magma block, a diamond, a golden stick and FireIce Block


-New ores/Ingots

*Fire Rock Ore: Can be found in the Nether, it is hard to find. Drops Fire Rocks

*Fire Rock: When right click with the fire rock in mainhand u get fire resistance, this is also used to crafts stuff

*Fire Ice: Fire Ice is a block that can be found in the Ice Dimension.

*Fire Ice Block: Can be used to craft stuff

*Ice Coal: Ice coal can be found in the Ice Dimension, this Coal can be used as fuel


-New dimension

*Ice Dimension: A new Dimension, it speaks for it self. New ores can be found here. (Later new mobs)



*Golden Iron: Can be made in the metal shaper with 1 Iron Block and 1 Gold Block. Used to make a GoldenIron Pickaxe.

*Fossil Rock: Can be found in the ground, it drops bones.

*MetalShaper: A new crafting table kind, Here u can craft a Iron Stick, Golden Stick and GoldenIron Block. (Later will be more)

*Lamp: Just a new lamp kind, Need to be powered by Redstone.

*Ice Brick: Can be used for the portal of the Ice Dimension. Can be crafted and found in the snow biomes.


*Banana: Can be dropped out of a tropical leave. This is just food.

*Metal Stick: Must be crafted inside the Metal Shaper with 2 iron ingots. Can be used to craft Weapons and in the future more stuff.

*Glowing Metal Stick: Can be used to make a lamp.

*Golden Stick: Must be crafted inside the Metal Shaper with 2 Golden Ingots. Can be used to craft Magma IceS word, In the future more.

Golden Iron Pickaxe: A new pickaxe, crafted with the Golden Iron Block. Is faster and can be used more than the normal Golden Pickaxe.


Upcoming updates

-More ores

-More Weapons

-Another dimension

-Mobs (When I figure out how it works)

-New Blocks

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Nice mod, but can you explain the features a little more in your description? (What does it add?)

Nice mod, you should just change a bit the textures (just recolor them using or gimp rather than the Mcreator image generator and they'll look a lot cooler)