[GI] UHC Extended Double Up

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This mod will extend your combat and mining experience by adding a new weapon type and a new pickaxe type as well as a new material.

As an addition, we have Double Swords, Double Pickaxes and Drag Rock.


How to Craft

First, we will talk about Drag Rock. Drag Rock is meant to be a Redstone powered emerald powerful enough to overplay diamond.

How to get one

Frist you need Caged Drag

Caged Drag

Then you must place and mine it to get the Drag out of the cage. You can now make Drag Armor, Swords and pickaxes.

Double Swords

Double Swords are Double the stregth of a normal sword it is double is attack and its druability

Double Swords

Double Pickaxes

Like Double Swords, Double Pickaxe is double the normal pickaxe it can brake double the blocks and Double the damage

Double Pickaxes

Layered Armor / Wood Armor / Chain Armor

Layered Armor is a Stronger armor

Diamond / Iron

ChainWood / Leather


Hope you Enjoy this new mod!!

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files


Layered Armor Diamond, Iron, Chain, Leather

Double Swords

Double Pickaxes



Adding Double and Layered Gold

Full tool set for Drag

Emerald Armor / Tool set

Nice mod :)
I think the drag tools should be harder to craft. You can gather all the ingredients of the Caged Drag without finding diamonds (you don't need diamonds to go to the Nether) but drag tools are the most powerful ones ...
Maybe you could make that to craft them you have to find a rare ingredient that can be obtained by killing a new rare mob or finding a new structure