More Armor Mod

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[3:55 PM 5/29/2019] Update v1.1

[8:29 AM 5/30/2019] Update v1.1.02

[UPDATE v1.1.03 Failure]

[3:18 PM 5/30/2019] Update v1.1.04

[1:15 PM 5/31/2019] Version v1.1 {Ruby Update} Finished

[10:48 AM 6/3/2019] Version v1.2 {Sapphire Update} Finished

In a time where the Ruby Miners and their Master, the Ruby King have taken over, a new hero has come. Sapphire Miners and their King, the Sapphire King are willing to fight back!

--Check Changelog for Added Items.--

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Version v1.1 Complete: Items Include

--Update v1.1.01|Stable--

  • Added Ruby Ore, found below level 32
  • Added Ruby, smelted from Ruby Ore
  • Added Ruby Block, Crafted from 9 Rubies, can uncraft into 9 Rubies
  • Added Power Orb, required for the Ruby Chestplate.
  • Added Ruby Helmet and Recipe
  • Added Ruby Chestplate and Recipe
  • Added Ruby Leggings and Recipe
  • Added Ruby Boots and Recipe 

--Update v1.1.02|Stable--

  • Added Power Orb, Required to craft swords and armor
  • Added Power Orb Ore, Smelt for Power Orbs

--Update v1.1.03|Failure--

  • Failnothing added

--Update v1.1.04|Stable--

  • Added More Armor Mod Creative Tab, stuff should now be there.
  • Added Ruby Dimension 
  • Added Lvl.1 Ruby Sword and Recipe - Easiest Ruby Sword to make
  • Added Lvl.2 Ruby Sword and Recipe - Upgrade from Lvl.1 Ruby Sword
  • Added Lvl.3 Ruby Sword and Recipe - Best Ruby Sword Possible
  • Added Achievment "Enter Ruby Dimension"

--Update v1.1 Finale|Stable--

  • Added Ruby Miner, naturally occuring mob that spawns throughout the Ruby Dimension
  • Added Ruby King, Ruby Dimension Boss
  • Removed Achievment "Enter Ruby Dimension"
  • Added Ruby Pickaxe and Recipe
  • Added Ruby Axe and Recipe
  • Added Ruby Hoe and Recipe
  • Added Ruby Shovel and Recipe
  • Added Ruby Gem, Use Unknown. SHOULD be obtainable in survival from Ruby King.

--Update v1.2 Finale|Stable

  • Added Sapphire Ore
  • Added Sapphire
  • Added Sapphire Block
  • Added Sapphire Helmet and Recipe
  • Added Sapphire Chestplate and Recipe
  • Added Sapphire Leggings and Recipe
  • Added Sapphire Boots and Recipe
  • Added Sapphire Dimension
  • Added Lvl.1 Sapphire Sword
  • Added Lvl.2 Sapphire Sword
  • Added Lvl.3 Sapphire Sword
  • Added Sapphire Miner
  • Added Sapphire King
  • Added Sapphire Tools and Recipes
  • Added Sapphire Gem, Use Unknown - Obtainable from Sapphire King.