Ultimate Fun Mod

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This mod adds some new items into the game to discover, craft, and use!

Note: Some items may not work correctly, and they will be patched in future updates of the mod.

Updates coming almost everyday!

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Version 1.1.0 changelog:

Moved the Obsidian Armor to the Ultimate Fun Mod tab instead of the Combat tab. (How did it get there?)

Added 6 new ores!

Added 3 new food items!

Added 5 new blocks!

Added 1 new tool!

Added 2 new commands!

Fixed the Crate GUI.

Fixed the Magma Armor model.

(Please comment any bugs you find!)


Version 1.0.1 changelog:

Fixed some item names that had no spaces. (I know the MachineGun has no spaces.)

Fixed the Omega Apple's effects only lasting for about 5 seconds.

Added Crystal tools.

Added Crystal Armor.

Moved the Ruby Shovel to the Ultimate Fun Mod tab instead of the Tools tab. (How did it get there?)

Nerfed some ore spawns. (Especially the Silver Ore. It spawned in massive veins sometimes.)

Made Bedrock Ore spawn a little more commonly.

Made Magma Armor now negate fire.

Made Dragonite Armor now negate fire.

Made Bedrock armor now have 5 armor toughness

Made Sugar Cubes and Compact Sugar Cubes now stackable. (It wouldn't allow you to place blocks on top before.)

Made the Sugary Drink now craftable with only glass bottles instead of water bottles.

Made the Crate block now work.

Buffed the Compact Sugar Cube speed effect to level 5.

Made the Blaze Block's fire last for 6 seconds instead of 10.

Changed the Bedrock recipe. (It made you use 3 blocks of obsidian and 1 block of coal.)


Version 1.0.0 changelog:


New Blocks!

New Ores!

New Tools!

New Food Items!