Wood Overload

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Project status
In development
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Lead developer
Texture designer
Model designer
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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0.0.1 Mushroom Wood 0.0.2 3 Mushroom Types 0.0.3 This Version Adds: Hawthorn, Pine And Cactus Wood Types Along With: Stairs, Slabs, Pickaxe, Crafting Table, Sticks, Chest, Fence And Trapdoor. The Fence Gate And Doors Have Not Yet Added Due To The Lack Of Availability On MCreator For The Time Being

Modification files
WoodOverload.jar - 0.0.1152.87 KB
WoodOverload_0.jar - 0.0.2194.29 KB
WoodOverload_1.jar - 'This Is The Newest Version' 0.0.3355.1 KB

This Is Version 0.0.3