Published by DasJafss on Wed, 06/05/2019 - 21:53
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DasDimensions is a project of mine to add new dimensions into Minecraft without making it feel too strange.
It adds two new dimensions, the Crystal Dimension and the Plant Dimension.
It adds 8 new mobs, the Crystal Stalker, the Crystalline Beast, the Amethyst Pig, the Citrine Pig, the Diamond Cow, the Sapphire Spider, the Prismaratic Sludge (WIP), and the Treeling.

Modification files
DasDimensions_0.jar - DasDimensions B0.1.0 1.12.2, The Serum and Plants update.1.02 MB

+ Plant Dimension
+ Alphafruit
+ Daikon Flowers
+ Overgrowth Biome
+ Serums of all flavors
+ Crafting Recipe for Crystal Infuser
* The Infuser works now.

I've been working on it forever but that's due to me having to restart once and I had to use a different computer for awhile due to this one being broken.

Cool mod :)
You should use the image showing the blocks and the items as a logo rather than the one showing the plants