Wombatty's Xp Gems

Published by wombatty on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 01:39
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Xp Gems give 176 Experience Points when broken with an iron or superior pickaxe.
Xp Gems can be harvest with Silk Touch Pickaxes to craft Xp Bottle for Storage.
Xp Gems spawn in a Y range of 40-1. They are fairly rare.

Future Improvements (hopefully)
   Xp Gem item drop.
   Xp Gem breaks and gives xp upon right click.
   Xp Gem Hardening/compression recipe for higher Xp values upon break.
   Possible xp re-balancing or editable config.


I admit to not knowing how to do any of this currently. (aside from Xp value editing)

Animated Texture Preview Link:

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
WombatsXpOre.jar - Version 1.0 for Minecraft KB
WombatsXpOreV1.1.jar - Version 1.1 Minecraft KB

Version 1.0 - Added Xp Ore and recipe to craft Xp Bottles. Xp Ore gives 176 experience points.

Version 1.1 - Updated animated texture for Xp Gem. Title changed to Wombatty's Xp Gems (previously ores)

Nice mod :)
Animating textures is very easy, you can do it manually using mcmeta files (here is a tutorial: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/resource-packs/resource-pack-discussion/1256350-animation-in-resource-packs-a-minecraft-1-6) or you can use the MCreator's animated textures generator.
Go to the resources tab, go where are the textures, then press Create Animated Texture
(The names might be different)

I created a simple gif in photoshop, then used McCreator's animated texture section to upload the gif to the block.
Thanks for telling me about the animation section in MCCreator. I would have never found it by myself.

Very good idea of ​​minerals, it's just a little misuse, pity that the texture does not move ^^ '
A young hidden talent, it's a pleasure!

PS: If you want to go check my mod, go there

If you would like you can download the Version 1.1 Jar I just released featuring a better texture. This can easily replace the other as it is just a texture update and does not effect the world generation.