Zombie apocalypse mod

Published by Staevea on Sat, 06/15/2019 - 18:03
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  • My 2nd mod

This mod add zombie,structures,items,weapons,mobs,blocks


Zombpedia :

  • Infected Civilian : he doesn't affected by the sun,he can open door,massive spawn
  • Rage zombie : burn at sun , when he are attacked he get more speed
  • Fake steve : he doesn't affected by the sun
  • Zombie miner : burn at sun, explode with 50% when he die
  • Eskimo zombie : he doesn't affected by the sun,on collide he give slow and weakness effect
  • Zombie police : burn at sun,he shoot with a taser
  • Zombie military : he doesn't burn at sun , he shoot with a glock18
  • Muted zombie : he doesn't burn at sun , when he are attacked he get more speed,strength,resistance
  • Radioactive zombie : he doesn't burn at sun , when he are attacked,he call some help ,10% to summon himslef,20% to summon infected civilian,30% to summon fake steve
  •  Special zombie : Two boss : infector,ultimate life form,Spawn a infected player when a player die

Dealerpedia :

  • Gun dealer : $$$ -----> guns
  • Bank : kill him ------> money
  • Firefighter : $$$ -----> firefighter stuff
  • Miner : $$$$ ------> explosive stuff,ammo


Items pedia :

Special gun : Minigun + chicken = EggGun , You can get when you killing some duck but its really hard (duck are rare only biome : ocean,river,beach)

The duck can drop the egggun with 1%

and 5% to drop a golden egg


  • I need help for creating some vehicle
Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
  • V.2.0.8 Added suppressor and suppressed glock17


  • V.2.0.9Buff silver ore spawn
  • Nerf price of trade machine
  • +Craft chocolat,bake milk for butter,bake cocoa bean for cocoa
  • +Corn plant 50% to drop a corn
  • +Bank vault
  • Craft of bullets


  • V.2.1.3
  • +Added phone
  • +Burger box
  • GrappleHook
  • Biome country (only zombie & NPC spawn)
  • Military base structure
  • Fix military base structure


  • V.2.1.4
  • +Added infection potion
  • +Syringe right-click to cure
  • +Syringe cure other mob with the potion infection
  • +Duck with the new egg gun
  • +Golden egg
  • +More biome country
  • +Nerf spawn of mob for reducing the lag

Submitted by Goldorion on Sat, 06/15/2019 - 23:53

Very nice textures, and you have had a good idea to create a Zompedia for your mobs. It’s look very nice !

Um....I'm Found Issue When I'm Installed This.
Minecraft Just Crushed With Ecit Code -1
Can You Fix That

Yet AGAIN It Crushes My Minecraft And I'm Can't Just Upvote Your Mod.