New Ores Mod (Minecraft+)

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New ores added in Minecraft thanks to MCREATOR. This is my first mod, if you can, please give me some advice on how to improve it. It also adds a powerful new boss with a second phase, which can be found in the new biome: The Cemetery. To fight them off this mod has some powerful armor, a sword, and a bow with special arrows. I'm not going to spoil anything else for you. I hope you have fun with my mod.

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Latest supported Minecraft version
  • Update 1 fixes the nameless king texture and adds new blue ore tools, along with a new bow and ore. Some recipes have been added for dark lava and the poisonous fish. To make the dark lava you add a bucket of lava to the far right  BOTTOM LEFT of the crafting table menu, and in the middle AND NEXT TO IT you add an ink sac. For the poisonous fish you add any kind of fish on the far left BOTTOM LEFT of the crafting table menu, and in the middle AND NEXT TO IT you add a poisonous potato.


  • Update 2 is extremely small because I don't have much time, but it makes the cemetery biome MUCH more deadly, with a bunch of "The Undead" mobs. If you are going to step in there, you better have the best gear in the game. Also added new structures, like "Treasure" and "Gravestone."



  • Update 3 adds new mobs, and some new potions! The mobs are: The bandit, which is extremely fast, The murderer, which deals a lot of damage and the third mob which is actually a mini-boss, The Mage! Now, the skins for these mobs are a little bit messed up, but I will try and fix that. There are 2 potions and they can only be obtained in Creative mode, since I do not know how to add recipes for potions yet.



  • Update 4 adds another mob, the Angel. They spawn in the new Heaven biome and if you kill them, something bad happens. Also, a new dimension is added that can only be accessed in creative mode, it is called "Death dimension". Fixed the textures for the bandit, the murderer and the mage. Also made them hostile to Villagers, Iron Golems, The Undead and the Nameless King. So, if you see The Undead or The Nameless King fight with these mobs, it is not a bug. Last but not least, added a new block, that allows you to change the weather and time. It is called The time changer block. You craft it with a diamond block in the middle of the crafting table, surrounded by 8 clocks.




  • Update 5 fixes the Blue Ore Armour texture, and adds a new helmet called "Bandana". It can be dropped by bandits, but you can also craft it by putting 3 leather in the shape of a bucket, and adding a piece of string in the middle. The Bandana gives a haste effect, along with speed. Changed the Angel texture, and brought back The Undead spawner. It is made with a nether star on the bottom left corner, an egg right above it, a rotten flesh next to the nether star, and above the rotten flesh, you add an enderpearl. Added some new achievements for mining the ores in the mod and killing off The Undead and The Nameless King.



  • Update 6 adds a ton of stuff. First is the Angel Helmet, which you can craft by using holy essence. You can either find the holy essence ore block or make it yourself by adding a golden block to the top, the left, the right and the bottom of the crafting table. Then, you add a gold nugget in the middle. Next up is the new red ore and orange ore armour. Also added the red ore sword and the orange ore sword. Next is the mage robe, which can be dropped by the Mage boss. If it is raining or thundering, you will get special effects. Added the special zombie and The Miner zombie. (Textures wont fix idk why). Enchanted coal is a thing now in this mod and you can craft it by lapis lazuli on the top, left, right and bottom of the crafting table, and in the middle you add a piece of coal. The enchanted coal is a really great piece of fuel. Added the fake stone. The fake stone is a stone that you can walk through. (Sorry for the late update my internet is going nuts.) Last but not least is the legendary chestplate, which you can craft by smelting the new ore in this mod, the legendary ore. The chestplate gives you some really good effects and is great against mobs.



  • Update 7 adds the legendary sword, aswell as a new weapon, the halberd. It can be crafted by adding a stick on the top, middle, and bottom of the crafting grid and iron ingots on the top left, top right, right and left. It is better than an iron sword but a little bit more expensive. Next is the hardened armor set (and sword.) You can find Hardened Diamond Ore in the caves. They will drop hardened diamond nuggets, and with them you can make hardened diamond ingots, by filling a crafting table's slots with them. The armor isn't that special but the sword lights mobs on fire without the need of fire aspect.

Nice mod :)
Is the Nameless King inspired by the Dark Souls boss?
Also, use the minimal versions for the texture of it, that will stop the issue with the texture not working properly.

There are two kinds of player skins. One is 1.8+, that is the one you are using. It has extra parts like body parts and separate leg and arm textures. Minimal is pre 1.8, and does not have those. Mcreator uses minimal for biped skins. Try using a program such as MCSkin3D for it.

I'm sorry, I understand that I'm annoying, but if you can, can you please help me with something? The Undead Spawner is a survival item, and is supposed to be used once, but once it is used it stays in the player's inventory. Any help?

I'm sorry, I understand that I'm annoying, but if you can, can you please help me with something? The Undead Spawner is a survival item, and is supposed to be used once, but once it is used it stays in the player's inventory. Any help?