More Dangers

Published by TCPMModer on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 06:01
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The More Dangers mod is my first public mod that I have made, I more spent my time better educating myself on MCreators tools so sorry for the lack of content.


Mobs: Ants, Water Spiders, Boars


Items: Diamond Tools + Armour (same recipe as usual tools and armour) they are better than the diamond tools but last less, Joints, Tin & Tin Tools


Plants: Weed


Dimensions: Multimension (Books), Ice Dimension (Packed Ice)


Biomes: Mud Swamp


Liquids: Muddy Water


I Will Make A Video Showing What You Can Do Soon.

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More Danger - First Public Version (Test 3)78.9 KB
More Danger Alpha 0 1 - Alpha 0.1.2246.18 KB
More Danger Alpha 0 1 - Alpha 0.1.5394.33 KB
More Danger Alpha - Latest Version495.48 KB

Test 3 - Public Release

Alpha 0.1.2 - Added Marijuana, Joints, Ants, Underwater Traps, Random Stone Rock Formations, Scuba Gear, High Effect

Alpha 0.1.5 - Added Achievements "A Cold Welcome" and "A Whole New World" - Added 2 Dimensions "Ice Dimension" and the "Multimension", added Cork wood and tools, Added new biomes "Super Flat Plains" "Ice Plains" and "Warmer ice Plains"

Alpha 0.1.6: Added Boars, Water Spiders, Mud Swamp (Boars Spawn Here), Tin, Tin Tools, Tin Ore, Muddy Water