13-Related Mod

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This is a mini-modpack about 13.

     - 13-Related Mod

                      You will need to find ores to get the full Thirteen Armor or to get the Emozmo Chestplate; you can still find the Thirteen Multitool, or the Thirteen Bow (tip: 99990 ratatatata)!

                      Thirteen Block spawns at y4-20.

Note: please use Just Enough Items to discover recipes easier.

Mod rules: 1. HAVE FUN 2. HAVE FUN 3. HAVE FUN 4. HAVE FUN 

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

13-Related Mod [Indev]:

      - ThirteenArmor, Thirteen MultiTool, ThirteenBlock, ThirteenBlockApri and ThirteenBow

      - Keys with "~.thirty~.~" instead of "~.thirteen~.~"

13-Related Mod [1.0] [TEST]:

      - Thirteen Dimension (ThirteenBlock and ThirteenBlockApri trought-walk able)

      - ThirteenBlock too much spawning

      - Keys fixed

13-Related Mod [1.1]:

      - Thirteen Dimension rework: Now it doesn't spawn too much thirteen blocks

      - Fixed ThirteenBlock and ThirteenBlockApri troughtwalking

      - Added Emozmo God stuff: Emozmo, Emozmo Ore and Emozmo Chestplate

13-Related Mod [TEST1.1]:

      - Thirteen Bow has got only 100 durability

      - Emozmo God Chestplate doesn't give you health boost 10 as defined

13-Realted Mod [1.2]:

      - Thirteen Bow now has got 99990 durability

      - Emozmo God Chestplate now will give you 774 protection instead of health boost 10

Nice mod :)
I recommend you make some of the textures more detailed, then more people might download :)