Vaati's Removed & Unused Mod (DISCONTINUED)

Published by VaatiYT on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 14:38
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This mod adds things that were planned and removed from Minecraft. For example, the ruby, colored planks, unused potions, and more! This mod is currently v1.1.8 for Minecraft 1.12.2!


ATTENTION: This mod is being remade! It is now the Cut Items Mod! Removed & Unused was my first main mod and my modding skills have improved so I am remaking this because the original got corrupted or something, also I will be releasing some mods I made as tests to the public!

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Removed & Unused Mod 1.1.8.jar - Download Version 1.1.8 Of Vaati's Removed & Unused Mod182 KB
Removed & Unused Mod 1.1.71.jar - Download Version 1.1.71 Of Vaati's Removed & Unused Mod178.45 KB

Update 1.1.8 - 7/02/19



  • Added Light Blue Planks

Update 1.1.71 - 6/30/19



  • Changed Minor Section Of Underwater TNT

Hello. I'm working on a minor update. It's going to add a few things from Bedrock/Pocket Edition, and a few things from Java Edition.

Hi im working on a mod that includes armor so how do I find an armor template?

Hello. Version 1.1 was just released. Let me know if there are any bugs or if you have an idea for version 1.1.1.

Nice mod :)
I know chainmail armor used to be crafted from fire, but could you have changed its recipe to something else? It feels a bit weird :/

Hello. 1.1.71 Is Released. It fixes a minor texture issue on Underwater TNT

Hello. I updated the mod page. The 1.1.8 logo is here, I added a better description and a few other things.