Published by DetonPlay on Thu, 07/04/2019 - 16:26
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Hello! This mod is under development, but you can download this version to test and identify some errors, such as unattractive or unprocessed textures, complex crafting and similar errors associated with the mod.

So, this mod has more than one theme, and will develop in two directions: technology and magic. While the list of available items and blocks is not large, but in the future it will increase several times. 

Items and blocks which are in mod:

- Pahs (New wood) 

- Pahs leaves 

- Pahs planks 

- Pahs stick 

- Majolite ore 

- Majolite dust 

- Majolite ingot 

- Majolite armor (Helmet, chestplate, leggins and boots) 

- Majolite tools (Pickaxe, sword, axe, hoe, shovel and multitool) 

- Majolite block 

- Zithium ore 

- Zithium ingot 

- Zithium armor  (Helmet, chestplate, leggins and boots) 

- Zithium tools (Pickaxe, sword, axe, hoe, shovel and multitool) \

- Zithium block 

- Steel ingot 

- Steel armor (Helmet, chestplate, leggins and boots) 

- Steel tools (Pickaxe, sword, axe, hoe and shovel) 

- Steel block 

- Hifilium ore 

- Hifilium ingot 

- Hifilium armor (Helmet, chestplate, leggins and boots) 

- Hifilium tools (Pickaxe, sword, axe, hoe and shovel) 

- Hifilium block

- Scheme block 

- Magic Forest (New biome) 

- Bazalt 

- Sienit 

- Mafoor (New plant) 

- Istilbiy (New plant) 

- Cacao powder 

- Salt 

- Iron plate 

- Steel plate 

- Zaku (New creature) (There is a voice) 

- Zaku feather 

- Kalfizium 

- Strooch (New agressive mob) (There is a voice) 

- Mechanical body 

- Haste potion (30 seconds) 

- Potion of levitation (30 seconds) 

- Butcher knife 

- Hammer 

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
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Thank you!
Can you suggest what you can add to the new versions?
I would appreciate a message about every bug in mod and ideas for future implementations)