Reinforced Ore Mod

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The reinforced ore mod is a mod that adds much more to your game. You can make Diamond steak, reinforced diamonds, the reinforced block. There is also a dimension that you can get to by using the reinforced blocks. The items that can be made like the sword are very good and do a lot of damage. The Diamond Steak will fill your hunger bar to the max and will allow you to breathe underwater for a while after eating it. Just so you know, this is the mods first release so don't expect it to be perfect. The textures are still work in progress especially the diamond steak, the texture for that is horrible. So anyways don't expect some amazing mod, this is just the first release. Tell me suggestions in the comments and also tell me if there are any issues and they will be fixed. Thank you for trying out my mod.


-Added Crusher which can be used to crush diamonds which is used for creating shulker shells.

-Fixed the slow eating bug with diamond steak.

-Changed reinforced sword texture.

-Changed the reinforced block texture.


Huge update coming soon! The reinforced dimension is going to be better with mobs!

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In development
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Submitted by UnderWaves on Sun, 07/07/2019 - 00:03

Your mod seems great man! Maybe you can add some new mobs for the Reinforced Blocks Dimension?

I am currently experimenting with mobs, expect them soon

Nice mod
Next time I would recommend to put items on frames, rather than dropping them on the ground :)