more to minecraft (M.T.M.) REMASTERED

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it a remastered of more to minecraft!

adds 10 new biomes!

more structures to find!

new ores and cave generation!

more potions and foodstuff!

adds lots of tools weapons and armor!

many more blocks!

bug fixes of the old one!

and a new dimension with many mobs!

and more for you to discover!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

remastered v1.0.0: redid my whole mod and published it....planing on adding more in the future.

remastered v1.5.0: lots of bug fixing, new carved stones, 2 new structures, updated 3 structures and mobs, a new biome named crystal forest buts its very rare, and a logo

remastered v1.6.0-v1.7.0:bug fixing and portal disappearings and changing location 

remastered v1.8.0: new textures!, added particles to the dim twilight, new everything ore with a random drop, new pathfinding and cave bug fix, removed mini nether fortress  

Awesome mod :D
You should just add a logo (you can just use one of the images you already have and add the title to it)

This mod looks awesome but how did you make those blue things in the 3rd picture? I've tried to make something like that but can't figure it out. Is it a plant? A block?