Advanced Swords

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Advanced Swords adds swords you can use for more damage, and abilites. Currently, there are no abilities for any of them. 

There is going to be one sword per material, along with sword pieces.

Each of the Advanced Swords have 20% more durability and some more damage(no multiplier, just what I feel should be the right damage).


Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
1.12.2-advancedswords-v1.0.1.jar - Advanced Swords70.77 KB

v1.0.2 added

  • Emerald - Sword Piece/Sword Core/Advanced Sword/Nuggets

v1.0.1 added

  • Diamond - Sword Piece/Sword Core/Advanced Sword/Nuggets

v1.0.0 added

  • Iron/Gold/Lapis - Sword Piece/Sword Core/Advanced Sword/Nuggets

Please can you provide screenshots?
Also a little more detail in the description would be nice :)

I will add more to the description, thanks for the suggestion! I will also add the materials/swords that aren't in the mod yet. And what do you think about this mod being called Better Tools? I'm planning on making these for the other tools including, adding a 3x3 hammer. I recently was doing random stuff and decided to make a test hammer, and was successful in doing so. It makes sure every one of those blocks is able to be destroyed with that mining level, if not, then it won't mine just that one block that it isn't high enough for.