Just Another Minecraft Update

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This is NOT just another minecraft mod. The things are all a secret but you'll love it. 


PS. Go to fart land by creating a portal out of stone and using the FARTLAND!

Latest supported Minecraft version

This is really just a test to see how many downloads i get.

Is that a screenshot of your mod? If not, please add screenshots of it.
Please can you add more detail to your description as well? (explain what it adds)

I think you should describe a bit the most interesting features of the mod. Many people don't download a mod just because it hides many secrets, they want to make sure it is good for them first.

If you just say "you'll see what's good in this mod by testing it" people surely won't download it because it would be useless if there's nothing and people often prefer downloading sure things.+ the name of the mod isn't original

Submitted by UnderWaves on Wed, 07/31/2019 - 16:20

THe idea is good! ^^ Not telling what there is in the mod isn't really appreciated by the admins but it's a good idea to make people curious to see what's in the mod. I didn't test it yet but I'll try ASAP! =D

I don't see the interest of this mod... Meanless picture & non-explaining description... Well ?

This mod deserves to be among the greats. For a start, the comedic timing of Ah! No lamb! is superb. Not only that, but the description provides a vast amount of detail. You're right, this isn't just another mod, it's one of the greats. Furthermore, the dimenson name fartland truly shows how this mod has a wide appeal, just like MCreator. Some of shakespears poems were only 14 lines long. Don't listen to the haters, keep on going!! <3