SCP Craft 3: Re-Reincarnation

Published by bauerbach on Sun, 07/21/2019 - 21:14
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This mod is a remake of "SCP Craft", a now-discontinued mod based on the "SCP Foundation", a wiki about a fictional organization that contains objects and creatures that break the laws of nature. The mod is called "Re-Reincarnation" because it also has some content from a previous "revival" of the original mod, which has since been abandoned/discontinued.


This mod has all of the content of the original mod (most of it is unfinished), as well as some new SCPs and other blocks/items.

Release type
In development
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Modification files
scpmod.jar4.05 MB

SCP Mod v.1.0- 7/21/2019- Initial Release.

  • Added lots of the content from the original SCP Mod. However, most of it is incomplete.
  • All content is obtainable/craftable in Survival Mode.

no offense but already exists, so make sure not to copy anything obvious. maybe try using the new scp 173 document because scp lockdown hasnt updated it.

Is this mod using the same assets (textures) of the original one or is it made from scratch?