KobaltKraft [Discontinued]

Published by EraAlabel on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 21:50
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Created by EraAlabel on 22/07/2019. This mod is deprecated, so no further updates will come.

Please use my Twitter (linked) to tell me about any bugs, problems or recommendations about the mod!


KobaltKraft adds:

-4 New Tools

-4 New Weapons

-3 New Sets of Armor

-2 New Biomes

-8 New Blocks

-6 New Items

-4 New Mobs

-1 New Food


Twitter - https://twitter.com/EraAlabelMC

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

Current Version: v1.0.5

  • Renamed to KobaltKraft.
  • Made it so leather armour can be crafted out of Redwood Leather.
  • Updated the Energized Stormbow's procedures.
  • Added Grim Creeper.
  • Nerfed Energized Stormbow's Damage, Power and Knockback.
  • Added Meteoric Scavenger.
  • Made it so Redwood Pig and Redwood Cow are breedable.
  • Changed Redwood Pig and Redwood Cow movements and spawning.
  • Heavily nerfed the Kobalt Tools' and the Energized Tools' damages.
  • Slightly buffed Meteoric Tools' Damages.