Published by marius1982 on Tue, 07/23/2019 - 16:26
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Hello im here for present you the mod im creating with Mcreator and Paint.net for some textures.

This mod will add some dimensions,mobs,tools,materials,ore and more !

for the moments it only got 2 dimensions.


To go in the first you need lapis block and the LapisAndIron item you got the same craft as the FlintAndIron

That dimension name is BlueVoid in this you will find two new ore: BlueVoidOre and GlaciteOre

TheBlueVoidOre drop Bluevoidgem that are used in some craft like gun,tools and the bluevoidArtefact who is necesarry for go into the second dimensions.

TheGlaciteOre drop glaciteGem who are used in armor and tools craft for the moments.

Some new mobs spawn into the bluevoid dimension: The BlueVoidChicken, BlueVoidZombie and TheBlueVoidCreeper who dont explode cause of the water in the BlueVoid dimension. I let you discoverd the other things that the BlueVoid Dimension permit you.


For this dimensions You need to craft a VitteliteGem with the BlueVoidArtefacts

CompressedBlueVoidGem Craft








(Artefact stay in inventory after a craft)

With those craft you can create the Portal for the vittelite dimension.

it's all for the moments i let you discoverd all the things my mod add.Thx for reading me and thx if you test my mod .

(i open a discord if lot of people join i will post news of my mod and you could be talking about modding)


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First release Ver 0.1.0