Godly Gem Mod 1.1 (1.6.4)

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The Godly Gem Mod is a mod created to make new Millions of gems and tools and blocks to help you go thru the Multiple Dimensions to eventually get to the Olympus Dimension Coming Soon in Future Updates

There will be also Expansion Packs like More Dimensions, More Mobs, More Gems, and so much more that migh Effect the Mod in many different ways, Some Expansions may not need the Main Mod to support it


In the Mod 

1. Lig Gem /w Tools and Blocks (Light Gems)

2. Lig Block PRO


Coming Soon 

1. Donker Gem /w Tools and Block (Dark Gems)

2. Olympus Dimension

3. Mobs

4. Boss Mobs


Expansion Packs 

1. More Mobs

2. More Dimensions

3. More Gems

4. Machines

5. Biomes


Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files