Hard Mode Mod

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"Name tags for Dimensions!"





(IDK why but images don't shows ,_,)
Guides (By me):
How to build portal into Snow dimension: https://pastebin.com/K7UZK2fz

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
hard_mode_1.0.2.jar - Hard Mode 1.0.2 [test]6.77 MB

Added Blocks: Red Slime Block, Hard TNT
Added Items: Red Slimeball, Hard Gunpowder
Added Mobs: Hard Slime, Hard Zombie, Hard Creeper
Added Biomes: Hard Mode | Forest

Added Blocks: Orioum Ore, Orioum Block, Hard Sand, Hard Cactus, Hard Sandstone, Hard Cut Sandstone, Hard Sandstone Slab [2 variants], Hard Chiseled Sandstone, Icestone, Icestone Bricks, Ice Block, Ice Cobble, Ice Lamp
Added Items: Orioum Nugget, Orioum, Glow Stick [from Terraria], Sticky Glow Stick [from Terraria(?)], Ice Shards, Ice Gem
Added Ranged Items: Magic Book, Icicle Bow
Added Mob: Frost Archer
Added Biomes: Hard Mode | Desert, Snow
Added Dimensions: Snow Dimension
Added Igniters: Snow Clock
Added Tools: Orioum Sword, Orioum Pickaxe, Orioum Axe, Orioum Shovel, Orioum Hoe, Icine Sword, Icine Pickaxe
Added Tabs: Hard Mode Blocks, Hard Mode Items, Hard Mode Ranged Items (Like Bow), Hard Mode Tools and Armor

1.0.2 [BIG UPDATE]
Added Blocks: Firerack, Bloodgem Ore, Bloodgem Lamp, Molten Lamp, Purple Lamp, Sky Ore, Sky Log, Sky Planks, Sky Stone, Sky Leaves, Crimson Grass Block, Corrupted Grass Block, Crimson Lamp, Corrupted Lamp, Hallow Grass Block, Hallow Ore, Hallow Dirt, Hallow Lamp, Cave Cobblestone, Cave Stone, Adamantite Ore, Adamantite Block, Titanium Ore, Titanium Block, Chrolophyte Ore, Chrolophyte Block, Cobalt Ore, Cobalt Block, Mythril Ore, Mythril Block, Orichalcum Ore, Orichalcum Block, Palladium Ore, Palladium Block, Flora Log, Flora Leaves, Flora Planks, Flora Dirt, Flora Grass, Flora Block, Flora Ore, Mushland Dirt, Mushland Grass, Mushland Stone, Mushland Ore, Blue/Green/Purple/Red/Yellow Mushroom Block, Blue/Green/Purple/Red/Yellow Mushroom Stem Block, Mushland Block, Meteorite Furnace, Meteorite Ore, Hellstone, Meteorite Block, Copper Ore, Copper Block, Candyland Grass Block, Candyland Dirt, Candyland Farmland
Added Items: Bloodgem Shards, Bloodgem, Molten Shards, Molten Gem, Purple Blaze, Purple Blaze Ball, Purple Gem, Purple Chunk, Sky Fragments, Sky Gem, Sky Chunk, Nightmare Clock [Summons new Boss], Crimson Shards, Corrupted Shards, Crimson Stone,  Corrupted Stone, Hallow Fragments, Hallow Gem, Hallow Chunk, Hallow Soul, Hallow Ingot, Cave Soul, Titanium Arrow, Adamantite Fragment, Adamantite Gem, Adamantite Stone, Titanium Fragments, Titanium Gem, Chrolophyte Dust, Chrolophyte Ingot, Cobalt Big Chunk, Cobalt Chunk, Cobalt Gem, Mythril Fragment, Mythril Gem, Mythril Stone, Orichalcum Micro Ingot, Orichalcum Little Ingot, Orichalcum Ingot, Palladium Gem, Palladium Chunk, Mechanical Tears [Summons new Boss], Flora Fragments, Flora Soul, Flora Arrow, Mechanical Tears [Other Version of Mechanical Tears; Summons new Boss], Mushland Fragments, Mushland Soul, Meteorite Fragments, Meteorite Soul, Meteorite Dust, Meteorite Ingot, Copper Ingot, Copper Nugget, Candyland Seeds, Mechanical Mushroom [Summons new Boss]
Added Armor: Purple, Sky, Corrupted, Crimson, Hallow, Orichalcum, Flora, Mushroom, Meteorite, Copper
Added Weapon & Tools: Bloodgem Sword, Massivence, Purple Sword, Purple Pickaxe, Sky Blade, Sky Pickaxe, Sky Axe, Crimson Maul, Corrupted Maul, Corrupted Pickaxe, Crimson Pickaxe, Corrupted Axe, Crimson Axe, Corrupted Shovel, Crimson Shovel, Hallow Blade, Hallow Pickaxe, Hallow Axe, Hallow Shovel, Adamantite Shovel, Cobalt Axe, Mythril Pickaxe, Orichalcum Blade, Flora Blade, Flora Axe, Flora Shovel, Flora Pickaxe, Mushroom Sword, Mushroom Pickaxe, Mushroom Axe, Mushroom Shovel, Meteorite Sword, Meteorite Pickaxe, Meteorite Axe, Meteorite Shovel, Copper Sword, Copper Pickaxe, Copper Axe, Copper Shovel, Copper Hoe
Added Crops: Candyland
Added Mobs: Frost, Sky Cadillion, Scorcher, Wildfire, Hallow Cadillion, Hallow Cyclop, Ender Spider, Fractite, Unicorn, Caveclops, Wildcave, Flora Tomo, Mushroom Spider, Mushroom Tomo, Blood Crawler
Added Bosses: Sky King [2 Phases], The Twins [2 Phases], The Triplets [2 Phases], Mushroom King [2 Phases]
Added Dimension: Fireworld, Sky, Corrupted, Crimson, Hallow, Cave, Flora, Mushland, Meteorite
Added Clocks [Igniters for Portals]: Fire Clock, Sky Clock, Crimson Clock, Corrupted Clock, Hallow Clock, Cave Clock, Flora Clock, Mushland Clock, Meteorite Clock

What mob will be the next?
A) Hard mode Skeleton
B) Hard mode Spider
C) Hard mode Enderman
D) All (mod update will come out longer)
All options will be in future updates of the mod. (in version 1.0.2 or above)

Hard egnouth for a modded survival(maybe to much), but the slime don't have varied sizes and don't jump. The hard TNT should explode if exploded and create a entity that take time for exploding, like normal TNT. And finaly, the hard slime block should react like a slime block but with variations(If it already do something, I did not find it).