Hellstone mod

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Welcome to my new mod, the Hellstone mod!

This mod adds in new mobs such as a nether zombie (I swear to god they will literally murder you so quickly) new ores like the hellstone, (obviously) and new equipment!                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Added two new items! (maybe 5 actually)

The first one is... a new mob! Introducing the nether chicken! These little chickens will wander around and will not attack you, but if you fell like hurting one... they will panic, running really fast while shooting eggs at you! If you don't expect this, well it could be bad for you.

Nice mod :)
Please can you say what it adds though, rather than just that it adds 'new mobs, ores and a few other things'.

umm... you really shoudnt say weird to other people's mods.
We need to respect all users
at least that's what its said on the publishing guidelines