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Find titanium underground. Mine it with a stone or higher pickaxe, collect the ore and melt it in a furnace to make titanium quartz. Use it to

craft some strong armor or tough tools. Hope you enjoy this mod!

Update 1.2: Added titanium quartz! Also retextured the items to make them more realistic. Feel free to leave feedback to help improve my updates! 

Update 1.3: Added M9 gun! See pictures for crafting recipe and bullet recipe

Update 1.4: Added 2 new dimensions: Darkfreeze and Acidic Islands! Name changes from Titanium ore + tools to TitaniumCraft. Make Darkfreeze portal using stone and dark torch. Make Dark Torch by putting a torch in a furnace. Make Acidic Islands portal using Glowstone and cracked glass. Make cracked glass my smelting a glass pane.

I will continue to release more versions of this mod.

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In development
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Titanium.... is not purple....
and.... its stronger than diamond in the real world....

If we're making it like the real world, Titanium is silver, and isn't found naturally by itself. It's found as an alloy with other minerals such as Ilmenite, and is then seperated from the other mineral via the Kroll Process.
I made my own mod that adds minerals, and I had to research this stuff for making my mod accurate. Bit of a pain really, having to teach myself science