Dragon Quest Mod Pack

Published by YeetaYeeto on Wed, 08/07/2019 - 14:21
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A mod I created to replicate a few spells from the Dragon Quest Series. These are Frizz, Zap, Kafrizz, Kazap, Kaboomle, Heal and Reheal. There's also slash attacks, Flame Slash, Sacred Slash and Bomb Slash. I even made my own spell, Frizzap (lightning strike and burn). Enjoy customizing your attributes with potion effects that come with the gear. Collect Ore, Smelt it into ingots and Craft Swords or Sickles. Note: I did not put any tools in this mod. Anyways, have fun with my first ever mod!

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Modification files
DQMP Ultimate_9.zip - The Ultimate version of my Dragon Quest Mod Pack.163.56 KB

This seems cool, but why show off something unused? I would show off more screenshots of gameplay and less stuff that technically isn't even in the mod.

The things in my hand disappear when I press F1 as the guidelines state("(press the f1 key)"), so I am unsure how to screenshot gameplay without featuring the hotbar, because in the guidelines it states "but be sure that it isn't an inventory screenshot and that it doesn't contain the hotbar".

Good mod :)
Have you also added the slimes (the blue ones)?

No. As this is my first mod i didn't want to do anything too crazy, just simple stuff to find in your typical minecraft adventure.
I might see if I can add that though, even though I have no clue how.