Dragon Quest Mod Pack

Published by YeetaYeeto on Wed, 08/07/2019 - 14:21
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A mod I created to replicate a few spells from the Dragon Quest Series. These are Frizz, Zap, Kafrizz, Kazap, Kaboomle, Heal and Reheal. There's also slash attacks, Flame Slash, Sacred Slash and Bomb Slash. I even made my own spell, Frizzap (lightning strike and burn). Enjoy customizing your attributes with potion effects that come with the gear. Collect Ore, Smelt it into ingots and Craft Swords or Sickles. Note: I did not put any tools in this mod. Anyways, have fun with my first ever mod!

Modification type
Resource pack
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
DQMP_Ultimate_1.3.5.zip - The true Ultimate version of my Dragon Quest Mod Pack437.7 KB

This seems cool, but why show off something unused? I would show off more screenshots of gameplay and less stuff that technically isn't even in the mod.

The things in my hand disappear when I press F1 as the guidelines state("(press the f1 key)"), so I am unsure how to screenshot gameplay without featuring the hotbar, because in the guidelines it states "but be sure that it isn't an inventory screenshot and that it doesn't contain the hotbar".

There are three problems I am having with adding them. 1. I don't know what parts of the textures go where on the mob, so I have to repeatedly test whether the face is on the right place. 2. Since I don't know where the slimes' faces are and if I use the slime AI base, they replicate, which I don't want, I don't know where their faces are or if they actually face forward when attacking you. 3. I am not that bothered about adding slimes in anyways. Don't get me wrong, I want to listen to suggestions and add what the (currently nonexistent) fans want, but since the previous 2 problems have caused me frustration, combined with my indifference to whether they are added or not, I would prefer to either get it over with, which the first 2 problems have prevented me from doing, or just not add them at all (whichever is easier), I think my pick would be the latter, not adding them. Sorry if this inconveniences you or makes the mod less appealing you.

As a compromise, i'll add Golems and Gold Golems instead, i like those almost as much as Slimes and i want them in my mod anyways. They'll be based off of Iron Golems, and basically be a reskin of them since i'm a novice mod creator.