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This Mod Includes:

New Blocks!

One New Dimension!

New Food!

New Mobs!

New Ores!

New Tools!

New Armor!

New Biomes

and much more!


Planned for the future:

New Structures and Dungeons

Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Swervercraft Beta 7.0.jar - Swervercraft Beta 7.0 - MC-Version 1.12.2 Download:590.57 KB
Swervercraft Beta 7.5.jar - Swervercraft Beta 7.5 - MC-Version 1.12.2 Download:685.96 KB
Swervercraft 1.14.4 Beta 1.0.jar - Swervercraft Beta 1.0 - MC-Version 1.14.4 Download:382.57 KB

It seems a cool mod, I would recommend cleaning up the description a bit (dividing it in paragraphs) :)