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This is my second MCreator mod and I have learn so much more than my first mod DMcraft2. You can explore a whole new dimension, and yes. Its called Unether like my first new Dimension in DMcraft2. But in this mod can you find a new mysterios ore with the name Vinsytum. You can craft Armor and tools using Vinsytum but you need to depulverize the dust you get from the ore to craft the armor and tools. You can also make a mysterios Vinsytum block. If you like to explore the Overworld can you try to find 3 new Biomes. And if you like to mine can you find Ruby Ore and Quartz ore in Overworld. I have also added a Creeper Boy, the Creeper Girl is still "under construction" but I think it will make the way into the mod soon too. Hamburgers is a really good food, you can test it, I really recommend to eat Hamburgers, it gives you speed in some seconds. I have also added in a Haste Potion! Its Uncraftable right now but I will add a recipe for it soon. Tables is also a new feature in this mod, you can craft a Obsidian Table, Quartz Table, Stone Table, Wooden Table & A Glass Table. Btw, test the Vinsytum Tools, they are too OP =P

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It seems a cool mod, I would recommend cleaning up the description a bit (dividing it in paragraphs) :)