Vanilla Plus

Published by CyberPunkG on Fri, 08/09/2019 - 18:22
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In development
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A small mod from removed items from an other mod i made it adds steel items and the ability to make chain armor.

Later on i want to add more things to the but my hands are already full with my other mod, i want to add at least 

- New ores

- New foods to the mood

- New mods

- New tools

- New armor's

But i think i will even spend as much time with it as my other mod this is more of an test mod to try out new features in 

the newer versions of MCreator and to see how the community is and if i like this website more l'll like to bring my other mod here.


P.s tell me what you want to be added to the mod whether it be new ores, tools, etc i'll still like to know.

Modification files
Vanilla + V0.0.1.jar - The first version of the mod65.24 KB

This mod adds 2 new item's steel and chain

Steel is like iron but stronger.

You can use the chain to make chain mail armor.