Chainmail Reintroduced

Published by FuNnYDoGeM on Sat, 08/10/2019 - 20:20
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Hi guys, Today i recreated the recipes for the Chainmail armour and also added Nunchucks to the game

This is my take on the recipes, and i myself, think they're really fair.

In this mod you get the next items, /That you shall create.

Acacia Nunchucks

Oak Nunchucks

Birch Nunchucks

Dark Oak Nunchucks

Spruce Nunchucks

Junglewood Nunchucks


Rock / Obtainable by placing a block of cobblestone in your crafting grid/crafting table

Hardened Rock / Obtainable by smelting the rock in the furnace




The recipes for the chainmail armour


The recipes are made by actual chains, that are made with hardened rocks

Quite amazing.


You can find all the recipes in the zip.

All credits go to pylo.


If you just care about the mod, no need to read this bottom layer.


Guys i haven't been on for a while, maybe like 2 or 3 years or so, but i'll make mods as such, if i have time.

I didn't have time, and also i just wen't to play other games instead of this one, but i am back.

The fresh air from all the new updates that came to this game and... it just welcomed me.

So i might be adding more mods soon, tho i just need ideas.

Have fun guys.

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Chainmail Reintroduced - All of the recipes are inside this zip.42.5 KB
Chainmail_Reintroduced-1.12.2.jar - Chainmail_Reintroduced Mod, Put this inside your mod folder in your minecraft directory60.27 KB

Submitted by FuNnYDoGeM on Sat, 08/10/2019 - 20:54

Feel free to give some ideas for making further mods.

Nice mod :)
Please can you remove the hotbar from the images though (press F1)?