The Currency Mod

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This mod is designed to add money into Minecraft.

This is so you don't need to use useful items like diamonds and emeralds to buy stuff.

There are 4 coins and 5 gems.

There also are 4 coin piles

If you find any glitches or typos, please let me know



A delivery eagle nest for singleplayer


Silver ore

Dungeons with coins at the end

Probably Not:

Crafting gold coins with vanilla gold

Platinum ore

A full advanced trading system with supply and demand, trying to increase the price and whatnot (I'm a coding noob)

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Currency - Version KB
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  • Adds in achievements for mining copper, crafting copper coins, getting all coins and crafting each of the four coin piles (This took long, okay?)
  • Adds in British-English support. Other languages will soon get support too

  • You no longer get a copper coin from killing mobs. This was because slimes dropped mad amounts of coins from their splitting mechanic when bosses only drops 1. Might re-implement it if I can balance it, but I'm a noob at coding or procedures. Now, you need to cut grass, make them using copper, or find a miner's cavern.
  • Changed the copper ore texture to something a bit nicer looking that also fits in with the rest of the stone. 
  • Made the copper ingot be swappable with other copper ingots from other mods (Put it in the IngotCopper ore dictionary) No dictionary exists for copper ore, so you'll need to refine your copper before turning it into coins
  • Put the mod into alpha.


  • Copper ore can now spawn, about as rare as coal


  • Added the copper ore
  • Added the copper ingot
  • Added a recipe to smelt copper ore into copper ingots and craft copper ingots into copper coins
  • Added the miner's cave, a natural structure

  • Added the copper coin
  • Added the silver coin
  • Added the gold coin
  • Added the platinum coin
  • Added the red gem
  • Added the orange gem
  • Added the yellow gem
  • Added the blue gem
  • Added the blinding... gem?
  • Added the copper coin pile
  • Added the silver coin pile
  • Added the gold coin pile
  • Added the platinum coin pile
  • Made all mobs drop 1 copper coin on death
  • Made there be a chance to get a copper coin from cutting grass
  • Added a bunch of crafting recipes
  • Released the mod

Submitted by HPositive on Mon, 08/12/2019 - 13:10

I see potential for RPing. I like it.