The Grapeapplesauce Mod

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I thought of this mod for really no reason, just because I like Grapeapplesauce, so I decided to actually make it. Sadly, the mod doesn't have very much stuff in it, but I couldn't think of anything else to add. Let me know if I should put more stuff in and what it should be, and I'll add it. The items in the mod are: the Grapeapplesauce Armor, the Grapeapplesauce Sword, and of course the Grapeapplesauce Ore and Gem to make those things. I also put in a Grapevine so you can get some grapes. You cannot plant them, however, but they grow in Plains biomes and of course all over superflat worlds. I also made a portal that is made out of brick blocks the takes you to the Grapeapplesauce dimesion. This looks normal, but under the grass all the stone has been replaced with Purple Blocks. You cannot craft these, but you can mine them. I made the portal igniter be Grape and Steel, just because. You can also make a Grapple by surrounding a Golden Apple with grapes.

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Nice mod :)
Please could you say what it adds in the description though?