Bacon Mod

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Adds a new dimension, the Bacon Dimension! New tools, new mobs, new content! I have added a Bacon Sword which is better than diamond because you have to use the bacon ore. The bacon ore is located in the bacon dimension which is really dangerous. Also you have to have 8 bacon and one diamond to make a bacon block which is made to make the bacon portal. The bacon sword and more are included within the mod.

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In development
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Bacon Mod Upload.jar - Bacon Mod!6.52 MB

Submitted by UnderWaves on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 18:36

When I clicked on the mod, I thought it was a small mod that would add a single new food obtained by killing an innocent pig. And it looks like it's not what I thought.

Nice mod, but the bacon portal looks a bit weird. The castle is cool though.