New Adventure

Published by seba0456 on Thu, 08/22/2019 - 10:24
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In development
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This is mod what will add structures saves and magic.


New Adventure mods adds:

-new structures





Mod will have updates... Bigger than NWD!

Modification files
Newandventure 1.0.0.jar - First Build172.66 KB

Nice, but please can you add some screenshots of your mod and explain what it actually adds in the description or changelog?

don't make a mod if every single stuff in here is WIP ! Noone want to play with a mod which have nothing in it D:

Did you play NWD? this mod was WIP too. Mods what i Sending into Curse forge aren't WIP. If you want play my mod try later this link for now this mod is realy WIP.