The Obsidian tools mod

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Do you ever need a new tool for all your tools?
Then this one is for you! the obsidian TOOLS mod.
1 Obsidian bow, 1 Obsidian AIOT
All for the low low price of 
No, this is free. Download it today

Also, PLEASE. Use JEI for recipies. I Don't Want to have to go into my MODPACK and ctrl-PrintScreen Each Item. (Edit: I can do that with loom)

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It took about 1 HOUR to make a Minecraft crashing mod, and 1 1/2 hours to make this mod

sorry if it is rude, but you should add screenshots, not a pic like this.
You don't have to draw, don't worry ^_^
press F1 to hide hotbar, health etc. and then click F2 to screenshot(This is website requirement, bc you can't include hotar in pictures). Then press F1 to show hotbar again.
then go to resources in mcreator and you can export your screenshots

Nice :)
Please add some Minecraft screenshots of your mod.