The Better Tools Mod

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Ever Needed to set a chicken on fire so you can get food? Hit it with the Diamond Bow! Need to set the weather or ender dragon on fire? Hit it with the obsidian Sword! Requires JEI Latest. Price: FREE!

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Stable Version Alpha 1.0

This one was made in 10 min! Let that be the record of me making a mod in the shortest time!

Developer Submitted by Klemen on Fri, 08/23/2019 - 14:53

Please improve your mod picture. Make sure its is your own work that represents your mod and that it follows our publishing guidelines.

Although the picture does not break rules now, I suggest you take a screenshot of your mod and incorporate it in the picture. I suggest you check other mod pages for the reference.

The cropping is not ok, the white part is against terms. Make sure to crop image properly, I suggest you to write logo with text and not by hand too.