Caleb's Gem Expansion

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Adds A Bunch Of Gems To The Game. Currently (Most Likely always) Under Development since theres hundreds of gems on this planet plus the variants of the gems. DO NOT EDIT THIS MOD, If you make a texture pack that changes the textures and publically release please give me credit. DO NOT POST THIS MOD ON OTHER SITES. DO NOT CLAIM THIS MOD AS YOUR OWN. Inspired by My Mineral Collection, Azrica's Bunches Of Gems

Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
CGE-0.0.1.jar - First Update, Adds Ammolite, Stone Stick, And Ruby.22.29 KB

Nice :)
Please can you explain the features in more detail though?

Nice mod
Why have you placed so many item frames for just 3 items though?