Bomb [experimental]

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IMPORTANT: this is a experimental mod that means this is just for testing. but you can download it anyways!

hello i made this EXPERIMENTAL mod in 2 day and iam gonna update it.but if the test mod gets a lots of downloads...probably i will upload it to a REAL mod

you can check the details in the changelog

also sorry if i had bad english :(

i will probably upload it to curseforge so i do it i will put the link downbelow


Release type
Maintainance only
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
bomb-1.0.0-1.12.2.jar - bomb[read changeog]39.03 KB
bomb-1.1.0-betaver1.12.2.jar - bomb-1.1.0-betaver1.12.23.19 MB

this EXPERIMENTAL mod adds:



throwable bomb

and some recipes and procedures

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