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Published by VannaA. on Sun, 09/01/2019 - 05:31
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You can find ores normally, yes, but what if there was a way to find a lot at once? Spoiler alert: There is. 

With this mod, it adds 7 new dimensions, plus the Ultimate Dimension. The Ultimate Dimension has 7 biomes, one for each ore. Let's go over the new dimensions...


Advanced Swords are used to activate the portal. Right click the portal, as you would with Flint and Steel on a Nether Portal.


Coal Dimension: Literally just coal ore. 

To make the portal you need to make the shape of a nether portal, but with stone. You'll also need an Advanced Stone Sword. 


Iron Dimension: Again. Pure iron ore.

Make the portal same as Coal Dimension but with Coal Blocks. Also needed is an Advanced Coal Sword.


Gold Dimension: Do I even need to explain?

Again, same as a nether portal but with Iron Blocks. Advanced Iron Sword is needed.


Lapis Dimension: ...

You know the drill. Nether portal, replace the blocks with Gold Blocks. Advanced Gold Sword.


Redstone Dimension: ...

Nether portal shape, blocks of lapis. Advanced Lapis Sword.


Diamond Dimension: ...

Nether shape, block of Redstone, Advanced Redstone Sword.


Emerald Dimension: ...

Nether shape, block of Redstone, Advanced Redstone Sword II.


Ultimate Dimension: Every ore in the Vanilla game put into one dimension.

Nether shape, Emerald blocks, Advanced Diamond Sword.


Pssst. Recipes for the Advanced Swords here.


This mod will create a Creative Tab, containing each sword.


Made with: MCreator

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