Ingot Blocks

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Craft The Ingot Blocks To Protect Your House From Explosive Stuff! But Crafting Is Not Easy! Blocks Are As The Others, Put The Ingots All Over The Crafting Table (3x3), But If You Want To Get Your Ingots Back, You Have To Put The Ingot Block In The Middle, And Tall Grass All Around It, And Then 9 Ingots Are Back! Can't Find Any Tall Grass? Why Not Craft Them By Your Own? Just A Single Seed In The Middle And ANY Leaf Under It And A Flower In The Down Left And The Right Left And On Top Of The Flowers Saplings And 20 Tall Grass Are In Your Inventory!

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Nice mod, but which ingots should be used to craft them? Iron and gold ingots already have their respective blocks

Crafting Recipes: